July 19, 2016

Improving Online Marking & Feedback: Project Update (July 2016)


During the last two weeks, an online survey was released targeting postgraduate students, academic staff and professors from different departments across the Management School. So far there has been a great response. 50 students answered the survey, 30 professors, and 10 from the staff department. Some interesting results:

  • Students believe that there should be a clear policy over how and through which channels feedback and grades are delivered. Not enough information/training about how to use/access the online tools (e.g. interactive transcript) makes it harder for students to familiarise with the university’s system.
  • 80% of the supporting staff surveyed mentions lack of training as the most important aspect that constrains the adoption of online tools for marking and feedback purposes.
  • 75% of the professors surveyed report having knowledge of the online tools available on the university’s network, but only 37% use it for online marking purposes.

The data collection phase will continue during the next two weeks with in-depth interviews with academics and supporting staff. This interviews aim to explore what are the key constrains that these groups face when delivering feedback and using the online tools available. After finishing the data collection phase, the project will continue with the analysis and reporting stage.

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