July 15, 2016

How staff can make Moodle better for students: Update July 2016

How can staff make Moodle better for students? Lancaster Students say: Organise Moodle space, advertise forums, improve readability of material, make written feedback visible, reduce file sizes, make contact details prominent, streamline design of pages, improve visibility of progress bars for online quizzes, increase opportunities for communication among students and cohorts, record all lectures and post to Moodle, make past assignment submissions easily accessible, choose open source applications, label files correctly, increase use of tools for communication with Lecturers, display course announcements prominently, minimise pop ups for course material.

The survey for improving Moodle usage has been completed and, since 98% of respondents use Moodle in their studies, identifying issues and making necessary changes to the software is of high priority.

The survey specifically identified the various devices and connections that students use to access Moodle. Most commonly, laptop computers and smart phones are used. This information will allow Information Systems Services (ISS) to determine what improvements should be a priority and which will benefit the greatest number of students. Suggestions were also given for improved staff usage of Moodle, as can be viewed in the image above, where the font size reflects the frequency of suggestions made. Again, this information can help staff determine important considerations when creating module spaces on Moodle.

Most respondents did not report technical issues when using Moodle but for those issues that were identified, we are discussing these with ISS to help in their effort to provide students with reliable Moodle usage.

Some of the suggestions made by participants have already been passed on to ISS staff and have been received favourably. The suggestions for improving staff software usage will be incorporated into future staff training sessions and web-based support. We wish to thank everyone for their time and appreciate ISS and e-learning staff for their input to the survey and receptiveness to the data collected.

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