July 15, 2016

Finding out student social media habits: Project Update July 2016

Social Media Icons

Jed’s July update on the ‘Social Media to improve Employability’ project:

The first step of the e-learning project involved designing and implementing a questionnaire to examine BLS students’ social media usage habits. This survey is currently receiving its finishing touches in the programme Qualtrics and will be distributed among 2nd year BLS students as soon as it is completed. The data gathered from the survey will then be analysed following the collection of an appropriate number of responses.

In addition to designing the survey, research was carried out which involved looking at other learned societies’ and Universities’ blogs as well as the scientific literature regarding blog sites. The purpose of this research was to gather information on details such as the positive and negative outcomes of each up and running blog site – this knowledge can now be applied to the test BLS blog site from the start.

The next step regarding research is to look at innovative sectors’ (e.g. the games industry, business enterprises) blog sites to see if they differ from the science based blog sites which have already been looked at and see if any gained information can be applied to the upcoming BLS blog site.

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