June 28, 2016

Social media to develop employability: Project aims

Social media icons

General aims

Social media will be used to enable students to share their degree experiences with others. This project is designed to develop students’ breadth of knowledge, writing skills, employability skills and awareness of careers. This will be run by the students, for the students.  The Biomedical Life Sciences (BLS) blog may enable students to post photographs of laboratory work or field work, produce short articles, reflect on work experience etc.

Specific objectives and benefits to students in BLS

  1. Enhance employability skills (e.g. reflective skills, team working, editorial skills, networking)
  2. To provide a forum to enable students to write about
    • Biological topics
    • General aspects of their degree (e.g. transition from secondary school to higher education)
    • Experiences during a placement
  3. Students will be gaining valuable work experience which may be cited in a CV
  4. To provide breadth of material to the benefit of all biology students
  5. To gain a knowledge of how students access social media


During the summer vacation 2016, a survey will be designed, implemented and analysed regarding BLS students’ social media use and a test blog site created based on the survey findings.  During Michaelmas term 2016, first year student volunteers will form a new Editorial board of the new social media project. Thereafter, contributions will be invited from all BLS students in all years of study e.g. Biological topics of interest, in-coming first year students’ expectations for the coming year, reflective articles concerning the past year, reflections on experiences during placement years or internships.  Alumni will be invited to contribute short blogs or video interviews regarding their careers, to raise awareness of opportunities.  In subsequent years, first year students will be invited to form a new Editorial board, supported by the previous year’s board.

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