June 27, 2016

Supporting Study Abroad: Project Update (June 2016)

Study Abroad Train

Zak Varty, is working with Stephen Power (the Maths & Stats Study Abroad Coordinator) to develop a dedicated Moodle page with a range of content for study abroad students in his department. He hopes students will use it to discover what to expect from a year abroad at a Partner University.

Zak’s update:

Things have taken a back seat during the exam period but I have completed the data collection and write up of the available modules at all of our host universities, their content prerequisites at Lancaster and courses they may lead onto upon return. I sent these to Stephen Power to check.

One of the problems I faced in putting these together was my lack of Pure Maths knowledge in suggesting follow-up courses, but fortunately Stephen works in Maths not Stats.

The Moodle site we are creating for students to access the resources is starting to take shape now.

I have also had a spot of luck with contacting students who have returned from their years abroad and so have gathered some media (mainly photographs and a couple of quotes and videos) to start forming into a video for open days. This will be the really new part of the project for me so I expect to have faced (and hopefully overcome) a good few challenges by my next update!

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