May 17, 2016

Developing LING 200: Project Update – May 2016

LING 200 Module detail

The LING 200 course is intended to prepare second year students to equip them with the skills needed for their third year dissertation.  The course, although valuable, holds no credit points and it has been argued that the course would benefit from greater digital adaptation to encourage uptake from the students.

Carolina Perez and Professor Alison Sealey have reviewed the current course, looking for areas of improvement.  In addition they have investigated the software and presentation options that are available including looking at new software options, such as Xerte.  Support and advice from the Library and Careers services have also delivered important information on the options available.

She has been constrained somewhat by advice on software that did not help with the investigation of new techniques.  The advice steering towards established resources would ordinarily have been useful, but as this project focusses on incorporating new approaches it turned out to be counterproductive.

Carolina has discovered the range of different approaches adopted by the various departments across the University.  This has led to her frustration that more of this information is not shared or, perhaps more pertinently, is not shared as effectively as it could be.  Having taken advice and guidance on the software types Carolina had to then get familiar with these tools.  Some software, like Moodle, is not new to the course, but others such as Mahara and Panopto was new to the course.  After getting familiar with the software Carolina was then able to advise on which software is suitable for the course needs.

She is now awaiting feedback from ISS on the software and potential solutions to issues she has raised about the software.

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