DH researchers at Lancaster have won the following prizes:

2017: Patricia Murrieta-Flores (with Howard Williams, University of Chester) was awarded the Martyn Jope Award by the Society of Medieval Archaeology for their paper Placing the Pillar of Eliseg: Movement, Visibility and Memory in the Early Medieval Landscape,” Journal of Medieval Archaeology, 61, pp. 69-103. 

2016: Amelia Joulain-Jay was awarded The Gale Dissertation Research Fellowship in Nineteenth-Century Media for her PhD research on the Nineteenth-Century British Library Newspaper Collection.

2015: The ERC-funded Spatial Humanities project was awarded the British Library Labs Award for Research.

2015: The ESRC Centre for Corpus Approach to Social Science, to which several of our members belong, won the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education.

2014: The Pelagios project won the Open Humanities Award.

2013: Best Poster Prize for: Murrieta-Flores, P., Donaldson, C., Rupp, C.J., Cooper D. and Gregory I (2013) “Digital literary geographies: A spatial analysis of Lake District landscape writings” GIS Research UK 2013. University of Liverpool.