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Spatial Humanities Summer School 2019

Lancaster University Bailrigg, Lancaster

The Lancaster Summer School in GIS for the Digital Humanities Lancaster University, 16th-19th July, 2019 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are becoming more widely used by historians, archaeologists, literary scholars, classicists and others, researching in what is increasingly called the Spatial Humanities. The adoption of geospatial technologies by humanities scholars is often hampered by a lack of understanding of what GIS is and what it has to offer to our disciplines. This summer school provides an introduction to the use of GIS software aimed specifically at researchers from the humanities and arts. Outline syllabus: The course will provide an introduction to …

Geospatial Innovation Seminar

Bowland North SR 03

Speaker: Mads Linnet Perner (University of Copenhagen), 'Residential Segregation in early modern Copenhagen'.

Geospatial Innovation Seminar

Furness LT 3

Speaker: Anthony Mandal (Cardiff University), 'Breaking the Magic Circle: Gothic Literary Narrative and Immersive Play’.