For any clinical placements, the Programme Office ensures that all supervisors, once the allocation has been made, are sent the key information such as placement dates and trainee contact details in an email within a week of the programme placement allocation meeting. The key information provided to supervisors will include: –

  • the name of the trainee who will be on placement
  • their identified clinical tutor
  • the start and end dates of the placement
  • details of the teaching programme(s) running alongside the placement (including any extra dates for which the trainee will be required away from the placement)
  • the deadline for submission of evaluation forms

In the allocation email there will also be direct links to all the necessary documents for supervisors (e.g. the evaluation forms for completion at the end of the placement). Supervisors are also encouraged to make use of the web based handbook for any queries they have about support, resources and procedures for any elements of training on the programme.