Both summer schools will begin on Monday 21nd June and end on Friday 25th June 2021.

 Outline of the timetable for the summer schools

The sessions consist of Lectures, Practical sessions and Coffee with sessions. There will be a Symposium on innovation in corpus linguistics (further details to be announced) on Wednesday which is optional to attend.

Lectures: These sessions focus on introducing and discussing different topics related to different methods or applications of corpus linguistics and in several cases serve as an introduction to the following practical session.  The morning and afternoon lectures represent a core part of the summer schools and participants are expected to attend these; the evening lectures, which are also open to wider public, are an optional part of the summer schools.

Practical sessions: The practical sessions are in most cases divided into two parts: a. An introduction to a practical session and b. Discussion of findings, issues and further work. The first session will introduce the topic and demonstrate the tools or techniques needed for completing the tasks for this session. You will be expected to work on the tasks following a step-by-step handout in your own time and be prepared to discuss your findings and any issues in the session on the following day.

Coffee with…: These are optional sessions in which you are invited to share a tea/coffee online with some of the speakers from the summer schools and to chat about life and corpus linguistics.

Please note that the sessions run in real time from 10am to 3pm UK time. In order to take part in the summer school sessions, you should be able to participate during these times.