The RSC Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry Discussion Group (CODG) is devoted to supporting the scientific interests of researchers involved with any aspect of coordination and organometallic chemistry as broadly defined.

This meeting has now taken place and this website will be closing soon.


Thursday 14th September 2017

09.30-10.30       Registration, setting up posters and coffee

Session 1

10.30-10.40        Welcome and opening remarks

10.40-11.30        Plenary Lecture:   Grace Morgan  (University College Dublin)

                            “From octahedral to trigonal prismatic: harnessing spin in transition metals”

11.30-11.50        Presentation:         Chris S. Hawes  (Trinity College Dublin)

                            “Guest-Responsive Behaviour in Coordination Polymers and Metallogels”

11.50-12.10        Presentation:         Kay E. Burrows (University of Leeds)

                            “The influence of chirality of the spin-states of iron(II) pybox derivatives”

12:10-12.30       Presentation:         Philip W. Dyer (Durham University)

                            “Understanding tungsten-mediated olefin dimerization”

12.30-13.40       Lunch (provided) and Poster Session

Session 2

13.40-14.20        Invited Lecturer:       Jose Goicoechea  (University of Oxford)

                             “From Chemical Curiosities to Versatile Reagents: Heavy Group 15 Analogues of the Cyanate Ion”

14.20-14.40        Presentation:            Deborah L. Kays (University of Nottingham)

                             “Catalysis Using Low-Coordinate Complexes of Earth Abundant Metals”

14.40-15.00        Presentation:             Krishna Mistry (University of Bristol)

                            “Pt(0) Monocarbonyl Complexes for Cooperative Small Molecule Activation”

15:00-15.20        Presentation:             Robert J. Newland (Heriot-Watt University)

                             “Coordination Chemistry and Catalysis with Phosphinophosphinine Ligands”

15.20-15.40        Afternoon Tea

Session 3

15.40-16.00        Presentation:            Nicholas F. Chilton  (Univerrsity of Manchester)

                            Title to be confirmed

16.00-16.20        Presentation:            Lucy E. Wilson (Imperial College)

                            “Delocalised chains and rings of ferrocenes”

16.20-16.40       Presentation:            Jason M. Lynam (University of York)

                            “Probing Manganese-catalysed C-H Functionalisation with Time-resolved Infra-red Spectroscopy”

16.40-17.30        Plenary  Lecture:     Eric Meggers  (University of Marburg)

                             “Steering Asymmetric Catalysis with Metal-Centered Chirality”

17.30-17:45        (CODG management meeting)

17.30-19.00        Poster Session:        George Fox Foyer

19.30-21.30        Conference Dinner:  Courtyard & Café

Friday 15th September 2017
Session 4

09.00-09.40        Invited Lecture:       Rachel Platel  (Lancaster University)

                             “Combining Old Ligands and New Metals for the Isoselective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactide”

09.40-10.00        Presentation:           Colette Boskovic (University of Melbourne)

                             “Rare Earth Complexes with Redox-Active Dioxolene-Based Ligands”

10.00-10.20        Presentation:            Antonio Fernandez (University of Manchester)  

                             “Supramolecular assemblies with hybrid rotaxanes”

10.20-10.40        Presentation:           Nikolaos Tsoureas (University of Sussex)

                               “Ti2(μ:η55-Pn)2 (Pn† = C8H4(SiiPr3)2): a ‘super-sandwich’ complex full of chemical treats”

10.40-11.10        Coffee Break

Session 5

11.10-11.50        Invited Lecture:      Eva Hevia  (University of Strathclyde)

                           “Towards a Paradigm Shift in Main Group Polar Organometallic Chemistry”

11.50-12.10        Presentation:          Massimiliano Curcio  (University of Edinburgh)

                            “Radical relatives: redox activity and coordination chemistry in diarylmethenes”

12.10-12.30        Presentation:          Simon Higgins (University of Liverpool)

                           “Evidence for hopping at unusually short molecular lengths in metal / molecule / metal junctions with conjugated metal–terpyridyl complexes”

12:30-12.50       Presentation:          Andy Houlton (Newcastle University)

                           “A new coordination chemistry approach to the assembly and functionalisation of DNA-based materials”

12.50-14.00       Lunch (provided) and Poster Session

Session 6

14.00-14.20        Presentation:         Charlotte E. Willans (University of Leeds)

                            “N-Heterocyclic carbene-carboranes as new ligand architectures”

14.20-14.40        Presentation:          Fabrizio Ortu (The University of Manchester)

                             “Thorium redox chemistry and a new way to measure covalency by pulsed EPR spectroscopy”

14:40-15:00        Presentation:          Zoe R. Turner (University of Oxford)

                             “Non-innocent cyclic (alkyl)(amino)carbenes: ligand rearrangement, C-H and C-F activation.”

15:00-15.50        Plenary  Lecture:    Mike Ward  (University of Warwick)

                             “Guest binding and catalysed reactions in the cavity of a coordination cage”

Organising Committee

Chair of Meeting: Nick Fletcher
Advisors: Rachel Platel and Mike Coogan