March 23, 2016


Vulnerable Birth Mothers and Recurrent Care Proceedings (2014-2017)

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Further information is available on the Nuffield Foundation website

This is a mixed methods study led by Professor Karen Broadhurst and funded by the Nuffield Foundation.

The Family Drug and Alcohol Court: National Roll-Out (2015 -2017)

shavingsClick here to go to the project webpage for information and publications related to this study. The final report was published on Monday 5th December 2016.

Lancaster University is a partner in the roll-out of the National Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC). This is a project funded by the Children’s Services Innovation Fund.

Early FDAC (pregnancy pathway) (2015 -2017) As part of the FDAC programme, a new pilot is also being tested that aims to work with women in pregnancy, where a child has been removed before.

Towards a National Family Justice Observatory: A Scoping Study (2016-2017)

peopleClick here to go to the project webpage for full information about this study, as well as information about how to submit to the call for evidence.

This Nuffield funded scoping study aims to explore the feasibility of establishing a new Family Justice Observatory and its potential functions. Lancaster University, in partnership with the Alliance for Useful Evidence, is leading this work, carrying out a mixed-methods study.

Supervision Orders and Special Guardianship: a national study (2015-2018)

elastic-bands-150pxFurther information about this study is available on the Nuffield Foundation website

Download the first briefing paper published from this report.

This study is funded by the Nuffield Foundation and is led by Professor Judith Harwin. The project aims to produce the first national picture of the contribution of supervision orders to family justice. The study also includes analysis of special guardianship orders used alone and in combination with a supervision order with a focus on disruption rates and return to court.

Care Leavers, Pregnancy and Parenthood

In partnership with Manchester University (Dr Debbie Fallon), a research review was completed that aimed to scope national and international initiatives that address sexual health and relationship needs of care experienced youth. The review was commissioned by the national charity Coram

The review featured in the Guardian Newspaper, March 30th 2016

Free Access to the Review via the Coram Resources Webpage.

Social Security and Wage Poverty

Poverty dayThis project involved archival research at the National Archives, Lancashire Records Office and Norfolk Records office. It focused upon debates about, and the practice of, the state supplementing the wages of income poor working families at various times since the early 19th century.

Conducted by Chris Grover the research traces the shift in Britain from a position where the supplementation of wages by the state was prohibited to the widespread use of such supplements in contemporary society.

The research highlights how debates about financial support for low income working families have been more informed by concerns with labour discipline (financial incentives to do wage work) and its gender dimensions, than the poverty of families with at least one person in work.

The project resulted in a book, Social security and wage poverty published in March 2016 by Palgrave Macmillan. The book expands the project’s initial focus to examine the development of wage supplements in two other liberal welfare regimes (the USA and New Zealand) and potential alternatives to wages supplements (minimum and living wages).

Blogs informed by the research can be viewed at the websites of the British Academy, Lancaster University’s Law School and The Conservation.

Interpretation of Children’s rights within the Law

notebook400This doctoral project undertaken by Louise Rae focused on potential conflict between the rights of children and the rights of parents within the family justice system. In particular the work focuses upon the UK’s interpretation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) through the Children Act 1989, with particular emphasis on the development and application of the crucially important welfare principle.



The Social Value of Charities in the Landscape of Helping Services

This ESRC funded doctoral project undertaken by Cath Hill aims to capture the social value of charitable organisations. Using empirical research methods, I am interested in why people choose to access charities for advice or support when in crisis, rather than statutory services and about developing a qualitatively informed data model to evidence their value to society. Recent Entry Migrant Children to Care (2016 – 2020)

Recent Entry Migrant Children in the English Care System

This doctoral project is funded by the ESRC CASE programme and will commence in September 2016. The student is Laura Aruparayil, a pediatrician with specialist knowledge of looked after children. The project will focus on the health and social welfare needs of recent entry migrant who enter state care/are accommodated and whose social and medical histories are undocumented/less well documented which poses challenges for professionals involved in their care.